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ITCenter is crossing the lines that tied communications to old and tired solutions.

With minds that learned from the past and look at the future,
ITCenter main focus is to create the best solutions to bring power to your communications.

We want your company to grow and our products are ready to grow with you.
Check our Powering Communications solutions!

Powering Communications


Because we believe, we prioritize the use of our technology solutions based on the open source model and on the Linux operating system.  Our experience shows that this model guarantees more reliability, quality and freedom and increases the return of the investment more than the licensed models.

With that thought, we fight everyday to bring you the most powerful and innovative solutions. Select one of the options below and get to know the right solution for your business.
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    Empower your communications with ITCenter Telco solutions


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    Increase the productivity of your employees with our Government solutions. 


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    Give the right power to your company using ITCenter unified communications solutions


  • “With Enterprise Courier, organizations can achieve and even exceed the same level of functionalities of the most expensive traditional PBXs on the market, at a fraction of the price, and without any licensing.”

    African Development Bank Group,
  • “The demand for open source solutions allows a customization according to the targeted by the organizations. This solutions are very complete and secure and enable organizations to reduce maintenance costs and ensure funcionality always useful and current.”

  • “The Oracle project is currently in implementation and will be completed by the end of May 2015. The VoIP and Virtualization projects are already completed and in full operation.”

    Wuhan Industries,
  • “The costs associated with communications were reduced from 4 to 3,3 million between the rst half of 2009 and the first half of 2010, estimating that by the end of the year, the reduction may be around 1,7 million euros.”

    FCCN – Portuguese Universities and Polytechnic Institutes,
  • “With Enterprise Courier, you can get the same and even exceed the level of functionality of the more expensive traditional PBXs on the market, at a fraction of the price. And without any kind of license.

    INE Angola,
  • “The focus of ITCenter in technology allowed them to be a part of a bold project in Angola. In partnership with Innodata, created a call center solution to support users, so that could have a direct contact to answer questions, obtain information on flight schedules, etc.”

    ENANA – Angola Airports,



  • All
  • Telco
  • Voicis Core
  • Enterprise Courier
  • Government
  • Enterprise
  • Oracle ERP
  • Server Virtualization
  • VoIP
  • Contact Courier
  • B2B
  • Backup
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Email System
  • Monitoring
  • Storage
  • Voicis
  • Voicis Enterprise
  • Orange

    Telco / Voicis Core
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  • ONI

    Telco / Voicis Core
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  • FCCN – Portuguese universities and polytechnics

    Enterprise Courier / Government
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  • Wuhan Industries

    Enterprise / Enterprise Courier / Oracle ERP / Server Virtualization / VoIP
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  • ENANA – Angola Airports

    Contact Courier / Enterprise
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  • INE Angola

    Enterprise Courier / Government
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  • MSC

    Enterprise / Enterprise Courier / Server Virtualization
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  • MSTelecom

    Contact Courier / Enterprise Courier / Server Virtualization / Telco
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  • African Development Bank Group

    Voicis / Voicis Enterprise
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Ruben Sousa

Chief Technology Officer

Kamailio expert, Digium Certified Asterisk Professional and wine lover.

Sérgio Castro

Chief Marketing Officer

Likes to catch some waves
Motorbikes enthusiast

Carlos Almeida

Research & Development

A french workaholic who loves to travel.

Cristiana Alves

Administrative Department

Super outgoing! Loves to dance kizomba.

Hugo Moreira

Sales Consultant

A proud daddy of three little girls.

Liberato Mota

Web Designer

A formula 1 enthusiast who plays tennis and paint.

Nuno Loureiro

Research & Development

An outstanding cook who loves to drink beer, who is also a martial Arts enthusiast and a scuba diver.

Nuno Vieira


Swimmer and technology nerd.

Paulo Santos

Research & Development

Foodie, Technology nerd and Art & architecture lover.

Pedro Pinho

Research & Development / Web Designer

A TrailRunner who loves to sleep.

Pedro Seabra

Research & Development

Loves to sleep and to play ping-pong.

Pedro Sousa

Research & Development

OpenStack expert, wine lover and an outstanding cook.

Ricardo Silva

Sales Consultant

Sports fan, architecture lover and party animal.

Rui Samuel

Technical Support

Loves to watch movies on rainy sundays
Motorbikes fan
Loves having dinner with friends

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